First Auto Program



MMSCAN has partnered with Scotiabank to offer our First Time Automotive Credit Customers a rebate of $500 through the Mitsubishi First Auto Program. At this time, this rebate is ONLY available on the 2015 Lancer in Edmonton, Lancer Sportback in Edmonton, Mirage in Edmonton and Mitsubishi RVR in Edmonton.


This program is intended to provide an incentive for customers with no automotive credit history to purchase a Mitsubishi. This program is a cash rebate and customers still require credit approval.


Customer qualifiers are:

  • No prior auto finance or lease experience.
  • Customer has no derogatory credit (no delinquencies, no charge-offs or judgments)
  • No negative equity in the application.



Q: Does the "Mitsubishi First Auto Program" mean that all customers with no prior auto loan or lease history will be approved?
A: No. Customers must still meet credit criteria.

Q: Does approval of the "Mitsubishi First Auto Program" mean an approval with no conditions?
A: No. Customers must still meet credit criteria. Obviously, if there is no auto credit history, the bank must look at other credit history if it exists. A conditional approval may be more common with these customers as they have no auto credit history.

Q: Does a Conditional Approval from Scotiabank mean that the customer has not been approved for the First Auto Program?
A: No. Conditional Approval means that the customer will be approved as long as the conditions are met.

Q: Is the Mitsubishi First Auto Program available on Cash deals or with financing from a bank other than Scotiabank?
A: No. The First Auto Program is only available on Mitsubishi Subvented financing through Scotiabank. This means that the First Auto Program is not available on Cash deals, financing through banks other than Scotiabank or financing through Scotiabank Dealer Advantage or Scotiabank New Vehicle Program (standard rates).

Q: If a co-signer is required, does the co-signer also need to have no prior auto credit history in order to qualify for the First Auto Program?
A: No. First Auto Program is based on the customer, the co-signer can have prior auto credit experience.

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