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What is CVT?




Used widely for a long time on snowmobiles and motorcycle, CVT appeared in cars gradually over the last 20 years. Instead of fixed gears, CVT is a one gear automatic transmission that changes continuously depending on vehicle speed, engine RPM and load, providing limitless ratios and the best economy. It is similar to a bicycle's gear system.



The primary benefit is that CVT saves a lot of fuel. With a gas engine when you accelerate the engine is doing a lot of work but when at speed, the ratio of transmission changes and that allows the engine rev to drop. In other words, the engine uses higher levels of torque and horsepower only in specific situations and thus provide maximum power and better fuel economy.



The only "downside" is that the feel of a CVT can be odd. Although it is very quiet, the sound it makes is quite different from a manual or conventional automatic transmission and can take some time to get used to it. The smooth and rapid acceleration can make the car feel slower but in general, a CVT will out-accelerate an automatic.


With a CVT transmission there is no gear changes, no shifting sensation and you won't hear or feel the transmission. Your ride will be more comfortable than ever. Contact West Side Mitsubishi for more information.


 Smoother ride + Fuel economy